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More getting help from Family Support Centre

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THE number of victims of domestic violence that sought help from the Family Support Centre (FSC) last year increased almost three times than the previous year.

That’s according to the centre’s senior officer Nairy Alamu.

Records showed 140 victims sought help at the centre compared to 62 in 2011.

Ms Alamu said their records showed the number of women seeking help at the centre had been going up and down over the year.

“But what I can say is domestic violence remained high in the country. There’s no sign of it decreasing,” she said.

Ms Alamu said most of those seeking help are within the age category of 15 to 45.

“Alcohol was the main cause of violence, according to our records.

“Other clients were violated due to extra marital affairs, economic stress, and perpetrators’ attitude while some cases were triggered by women themselves.”

The senior officer said there’s need for more awareness.

“One must know that nobody has the right to cause harm to anybody,” Ms Alamu said.

Meanwhile, the centre will continue its awareness programmes on issues affecting women, girls and children in the country.

The Family Support Centre is a Non Government Organisation that offers a confidential and supportive service and environment to women suffering from violence and abuse..

It was set up by the Victim Support Group in 1995 to address the high incidence of domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse.

By Jennifer Kakai