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Beulah’s poor results blamed on authority

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BEULAH Provincial Secondary School’s poor performance in last year’s form 6 exam must be blamed on the Western Provincial Education Authority.

That was according to outgoing school principal Kenay Jerry.

He was responding to a call by a parent for authorities to investigate the school’s poor showing in the exam.

The results, released early this week, showed none of the form six students of Beulah made it to form seven this year.

Mr Jerry said the poor result came about because of the Western Provincial Government and its education authority’s failure to support the school financially.

“The school administration worked so hard to prepare our students but the province had terribly failed us,” he claimed.

“We have single-handedly taken the effort to introduce forms six and seven at the school and while the province promised to provide $150,000 budgetary support, the money never came.

“I’ve asked the education authority several times about the money but they never responded to us.

“The province had instead given priority to other schools when it comes to funding support,” Mr Jerry said.

Beulah is located in the Roviana Lagoon near Noro township.

“To put a long story short, the Western Provincial Government failed us.

“The school lacked basic resources to meet the learning needs of staff and students.

“The result speaks for itselt.”

Chief education officer, Western, Hopeful Piosas declined to comment when questioned on the matter.

By Denver Newter