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Magga remains MP for Temotu Pele

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Martin Magga
Wheel chair-bound Marting Magga remains MP for Temotu Pele despite efforts to remove him on medical grounds.

Attorney General Billy Titiulu told the Solomon Star he will not recommend Magga to vacate his parliamentary seat.

Titiulu said this was because Magga was still attending parliament and is not really of unsound mind.

“I’ve observed Magga and realised he was not of an unsound mind, nor disabled,” Titiulu said.

“But I will continue to observe his condition and if he is no longer unable to attend parliament, then I will make recommendation to the Speaker of Parliament.”

The Solomon Star understand in a medical report produced last year, two doctors recommended Magga vacate his parliamentary seat due to his health condition.

The report was handed to Speaker of Parliament Sir Allan Kemakeza, who forwarded it to Titiulu for his perusal and advice.

Kemakeza told the Solomon Star any decision of Magga’s political fate will depend on advice he receives from the attorney-general.

He said since he forwarded the medical report to Titiulu, he has yet to get a response from him.

In recent months, constituents of Temotu Pele had been calling for Magga to step down because of his health.

But Magga’s supporters said the MP cannot step down unless parliament said so.

Magga felt ill during one of his overseas trip as health minister in the previous government, more than two years ago.

He was admitted to St Vincent Hospital in Sydney for weeks, but unable to walk since his release.

Despite his poor state of health, he contested the 2010 national elections and retained his seat for a second term.

He had been attending parliament in his wheel chair but was unable to participate in debates.

By Elliot Dawea