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Council may charge disposal fees

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HONIARA City Council is looking at charging disposal fees at the Ranadi dumpsite to sustainably manage the site.

Chief health inspector George Titiulu said the council is looking at ways to introduce disposal fees for bulky waste.

“The idea is to come up with an economical way to sustain the dumpsite. As you can see, it is very expensive for council to manage and maintain the dumpsite to meet required health and environmental standards,” Mr Titiulu said.

“By introducing disposal fees, it will assist the council to carry out its work effectively to manage the dumpsite.

“For the past years until today, there were no fees charged and people come in at anytime with their waste and disposed it wherever they like. This has become a major health and environmental risk for city dwellers today.

“We should be thankful that JICA stepped in to fund the rehabilitation of this dumpsite. Therefore the council sees it fit to ensure its sustainability is guaranteed in years to come,” Mr Titiulu said.

He added that people should be reminded that managing solid waste is a very expensive exercise therefore they should start taking some responsibilities by managing how they create waste at home and work places.

Meanwhile, city mayor Andrew Mua has called on residents to work alongside council in its efforts to rehabilitate the only dumpsite in Honiara and be careful how they create and dispose their waste materials.

He called on stakeholders and business houses to work with the council in addressing the growing problem of solid waste.

By Daniel Namosuaia