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Where are the traffic rules?

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UNNECESSARY parking of vehicles along pedestrian footpaths are putting lives at risk.
That’s according to a tourist, who asked not to be named.

“I can’t believe a police vehicle just have to park across the pedestrian walkway forcing pedestrians to walk onto the main road since the vehicle is blocking the footpath. This is crazy and very surprising that even the police did this,” the tourist said.

He said it is illegal to park your vehicle along footpaths because those were meant for pedestrians and blocking it creates risk for pedestrians, forcing them to walk onto the main road where vehicles are coming.

“What has traffic police been doing?

“Too many vehicles have parked illegally along the roads and they were not even fined. This is crazy and police need to step up on traffic laws.

“It seems in this country there are no traffic rules because you will realise drivers do whatever they want. Drivers parked anywhere,” the foreigner said.

He said it is becoming frustrating because if drivers fully understand traffic laws they should not park or pull over wherever they want, take off without signalling, speeding, drink driving, unnecessary turning and the list goes on.

“The government could have earned millions of dollars in traffic fees, but here police are very reluctant and there are no strict traffic rules applied.”

By Daniel Namosuaia