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Faisi: Just pay the teachers

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THE Government is urged to pay teachers’ rightful entitlements than taking “unnecessary steps” to deal with the issue.

SINTA (Solomon Islands National Teachers Association) president Samson Faisi said the government is using “delaying tactics” by referring the matter to the Trade Disputes Panel.

He was responding to the steps the government is taking to avert he current teachers’ strike.

Mr Faisi said education authorities travelling to Honiara to make submission for re- leveling to the teaching service department is a waste of time and money.

 “My question is: When was the last time this practise was done?” he asked.

“To our knowledge, it’s been years so why now?”

Mr Faisi said the claim that the government had not idea on the issue was a “total liar”.

 “The Government should not hide its face when they are aware of this re-leveling issue.”

 Mr Faisi said they have written three letters to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Education last year on the issue.

“They should go back and check their files for the letters unless they destroyed them.

“Myself and our general secretary also met with the prime minister and secretary to prime minister before we went to the World Teacher’s Day end of last on the issue thus there is no point of denying having no knowledge of this issue.”

Mr Faisi added that SINTA still stand that the strike action taken is legal despite the government referring it to the Trade Disputes Panel.

 “This issue does not need third party and it is an issue that already been agreed on and that Government fails to play its part in fulfilling the agreement.”

Meanwhile Temotu, Malaita and Western provinces have reaffirmed their stand with Honiara teachers on the sit in protest yesterday

By Jennifer Kakai