Wed, 26 July 2017
Last Updated: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 2pm
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Auki Market parking lot, now a dumpsite

CONCERNS have been raised over the pile of rubbish and wastes disposed within the Auki market parking lot area, now turning it into a dumpsite.

The area which used to be used as a car park for both buyers and vendors is now the most avoided spot in the market.

The foul smell coming from the area (right at the entrance of the market) from human waste is causing havoc for customers and even some vendors who no longer use the premises to buy or sell their produces.

What was once one of the cleanest public markets in the country is having that status slowly deteriorating with such careless habits and behaviors as highlighted by local chief and provincial member, Max Bobby.

“The pile of rubbish at the market entrance, what use to be the market car park is just disgusting.

“The bad smell coming from the area is also a hindrance to many of our vendors wishing to sell their local products here at the market.

“It is simply destroying the good reputation of the market since its establishment and at the larger scale the image of Malaita province,” Mr Bobby said.

Mr Bobby said this is a health hazard which authorities should look seriously into and if possible force the closure of the market.

“Such is not doing anyone any good as it is a health hazard.

“People will simply be disgusted of buying both cooked and raw fresh produces at the market, simply because of this situation,” Mr Bobby said.

Mr Bobby meanwhile called on responsible authorities to investigate the matter as quickly as possible either to remove the dumpsite and beef up security within the market premises or have the vendors relocated and sell their products elsewhere.

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