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New political party to be launched today

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A NEW political party will be launched in Honiara today.

It’s called the Peoples Power Action Party.

Party president Francis Wale Feratelia said he formed the party on behalf of the underprivileged majority.

He said this is the first time ever in our political history that a political party is formed for the forgotten man. 

“Political parties that were formed since independence in 1978 were for the elite and the privileged,” Mr Feratelia said.

Peoples Power Action Party, he said, is for the simple, uneducated, and the illiterate rural dweller to feel part of a political grouping. 

“This party is founded on the philosophy of true democracy and fundamental principles of human co-existence,” Mr Feratelia said.

He added the party is embedded on four fundamental pillars: (1) people-oriented (2) people-mandated (3) people-centered and (4) people-focused. 

Mr Feratelia said people should be seen as the central- focus of the government system.

“Parliament is legally mandated by the people and is expected to be performing on the true democratic principles of representation by the people through their elected representatives. 

“It is government by the people for the people,” he said.

Mr Feratelia said his party will become the voice of the silent majority who are everyday suffering under the hands of greedy politicians and self-centered governments and authorities. 

“We feel that this is the only diplomatic way to achieving peoples’ wishes and aspirations. 

“We feel obliged to carry the voice of the people to the top and be heard. This is the primary purpose for our existence as a political party.

“We will be your voice in the next House and beyond. We will be your policymakers in the executive level and lawmakers or legislatures in the upper level. 

“The Party will provide for the people of Solomon Islands true servant-leadership during its tenure in office.

“We will stand on your behalf in the frontline to challenge the economic and political foe. 

“We will stand to defend the true principles of democracy and safeguard the sovereignty of this nation Solomon Islands from foreign influence, dominance and manipulation,” Mr Feratelia said.

The party’s manifesto would be released during the launch, which will take place between the Anthony Saru building and the National Museum.