Tue, 25 July 2017
Last Updated: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 6am
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Six new JICA volunteers ready to serve

Six new JICA Volunteers have arrived in the early this month, 1st of October. Since their arrival they have been busy studying pijin and village stay until Tuesday.

And as of next week they will start their volunteer service for two (2) years.

Ms. Chie KURANODAN is a nurse and will be working at the Kukum Clinic looking at the area of non-communicable disease. She is a Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse in Japan and has been working in hospitals in Japan. She also participated in a volunteer project at the Mother House in India.

Ms. Yurie HARU is a physical therapist and will be posted to the community based rehabilitation (CBR) Office in Kirakira, Makira where she will work with the disabled people in the rural area. After she graduated from university, she has been working at Ebara Hospital in Japan.

Mr. Taihei UMENO is a Water Analysis and will work at the National Laboratory for Public Health in Honiara. He studied chemistry at University,

He has worked at a private company, Citizen Watch as an engineer for manufacturing chemical analysis and provided guidance on chemicals.

Dr. Tomohiro TERAMINAMI will work in the forestry office in Munda. At the university, he studied the doctoral course where he researched the usefulness and planting methods of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China for greening for his doctor's thesis.

During his study in the doctoral course, he also studied abroad at the Free University of Brussels in Bergin as a visiting researcher.  He also estimated underground biomass quantity of mangrove forests on the Gulf of Mexico.

At the aforementioned master's course, conducted field research of mangrove forests in the Red Sea coastal area in Egypt.  Evaluated the growth condition of locally protected natural and afforested mangrove forests.

Mr. Yoji HIRAMATSU will work as a community development officer at the Asia Pacific Sustainable Development (APSD) Permaculture Center in Auki. He studied economics at Japanese University. He was a member of the best university rugby club in Japan.

Mr. Takanori YAMATO is an occupational therapist and will work at the CBR office at the Ministry of Health.

After completing his university, he has worked as OT at a hospital in Japan.

From August 2013 - May 2014, he also participated in a volunteer project and visited temporary housing for the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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