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SI Girl Guide Association celebrates its 100 years.

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THE Solomon Islands Girl Guides and Girl scouts around the world celebrated the 100 years of Girl Guiding last Saturday. 

Speaking during the centenary celebrations Chief Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Girl Guides Gladys Siale said running a charitable organization like Girl Guides has both its advantages and disadvantages.

 “The advantages provide opportunity to girls and young women to learn life skills, it provides the platform that enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens,”she said.

 Mrs Siale said Girl Guides continue to create peace Worldwide, Building World Citizenship, Our Rights Our Responsibilities.

 She said Guiding in Solomon Islands is not a merely just a movement for girls and women but is an association member of the World Association of Girl Guides since 1987.

 “As we celebrate our achievements and reflect on the lives we have positively changed, we also look ahead to the next century and how we can influence the things we care about,” Mrs Siale said. 

She said there is still a lot to be done to ensure that girls and young women enjoy a world free from poverty, hunger, disease, violence against girls and women, lack of education, inequality and injustice. 

Mrs Siale also commended the past and present Girl Guides that they have contributed to making the organization what it is, “we are all part of the past, and the present and future of Girls in this country young girl joining the organization have grown to be respectful and global citizens of Solomon Islands.”

 “Let’s celebrate the spirit of volunteering which led women to set up Guiding in Solomon Islands for so many years,”she said. 

Guest speaker Donation Houkura the Chief Education Officer of Honiara City Council said despite inactive period of Girl Guiding in Solomon Islands from 1990s to year 2000 the dedicated ladies who have formed the interim Committee to restablish Girl Guiding in Solomon Islands should be commended because without them Girl Guiding won’t be functioning today.


 He said Girl Guiding is a world wide movement providing non formal education for young girls and women enabling them to develop leadership and life skills, courage and self belief through self development, challenges and adventures.

 “This year marks the launching of centenary celebration for Girl Guides World wide including Solomon Islands,” he said.

 Mr Houkura said this year marks the beginning of a three year celebration focusing on ‘plant’ being the theme for 2010. He said reflecting on the theme Plant is tree that needs caring in order to grow healthy and bear much fruits, it needs the best nutrients and the right type of soil to make it grow. 

“Likewise we need to see that the Solomon Islands Girl Guides Association also grows not only in Honiara but also in the Provinces,” he said. 

He said the good virtues and values learnt through the process of girl guiding should not only confined to Honiara dwellers but also extended to youths in other parts of this nation. 

However the Solomon Islands Girl Guides started their 100 years of guiding with other Girl Guides around the world with a parade from Lawson Tama to the Girl Guides hut where all the activities were held.