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OUR Party finalises candidates

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OUR Party has announced it will contest for 37 of the country’s 50 parliamentary seats when the country goes to the polls on August 4 and that its candidates have been finalised.
The announcement follows the Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui’s proclamation of the election date in Honiara on Tuesday.

The 37 contenders include seven of the party’s eight trustees and two females.

The seven contending trustees are Manasseh Sogavare for East Choiseul, Patterson Oti for Temotu-Nende, Peter Shanel for Central Guadalcanal, Isaac Inoke for West Honiara, Francis Zama for Rendova-Tetepari, Japhet Waipora for West Makira and Bernard Ghiro for Central Makira.

The eighth trustee, Rev. Lesley Boseto has decided to retire after three consecutive terms in the South Choiseul seat from 1997 to 2010.

The women contenders are Judy Fionala Barty for Aoke-Langalanga Constituency and Greenta Tome for North Guadalcanal Constituency.

The others are as follows:

  •          Fred Peter for Central Honiara Constituency

  •          Geoffrey Faisi Samuel for East Honiara Constituency

  •          Dr Ian Taupongi Puia for Rennell-Bellona Constituency

  •          Alfred Liata Malakai for Baegu-Asifola Constituency

  •          Philip Damirara Akote’e for Central Kwara’ae Constituency

  •          Lawrence Foanaota for North Malaita Constituency

  •          Lloyd Gwee Toribaeko for East Malaita Constituency

  •          Thomas Ifuimae for Fataleka Constituency

  •          Harry Kwalafuna for West Kwaio Constituency

  •          Campion Ohasio for West Are Are Constituency

  •          Edwin Aldrin Awaoli for Small Malaita Constituency

  •          Bart Parapolo for Ngella Constituency

  •          Francis Qalokamake for North West Choiseul Constituency

  •          Moses Sasago for Maringe-Kokota Constituency

  •          Moffat Behulu Tupi for Gao-Bugotu Constituency

  •          Edmond Ene for Hograno-Kia-Havulei

  •          Samson Tahuniara for East Guadalcanal Constituency

  •          Joseph Solomon Anea for North West Guadalcanal Constituency

  •          Robert Ishmael for North East Guadalcanal Constituency

  •          Anthony Veke Kamutulaka for West Guadalcanal Constituency

  •          Joseph Onika for East Central Guadalcanal Constituency

  •          Ivan Kerovo Ngai for Marovo Constituency

  •          Kenneth Bulehite for Gizo/Kolombangara Constituency

  •          Queensland Olega for Shortlands Constituency

  •          Michael Ramsey Poki for Ulawa-Ugi Constituency

  •          John Mamafe for East Makira Constituency

  •          Gordon Bila for Temotu Vatud Constituency

  •          Oliver Melive Osi for Temotu Pele Constituency.