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Bita’ama villagers hold reconciliation

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VILLAGERS of Bita’ama in north Malaita conducted a reconciliation ceremony last week to sort out differences and end long-running land disputes.

Six main tribes and 15 sub-tribes in the area attended the ceremony at Otoradai village.

Community spokesman Tigi Aofia said the ceremony also marked the end of their traditional practice of dolphin hunting.

Like communities of Walande and Fanele south of Malaita, Bita’ama villagers are also know for their dolphin hunting skills.

“That ceremony marks the end of dolphin harvesting which is a traditional practice here,” Mr Aofia said.

He said the Bita’ama Dolphin Inheritance Communities is also working with Earth Island Institute to stop the killing of dolphins.

A number of organisations and individuals, including the Ministry of National Unity, Peace and Reconciliation supported the ceremony financially.