Wed, 26 July 2017
Last Updated: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 2pm
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Desperate shipping need for East Makira

PEOPLE of Star Habour in the far eastern end of Makira Province are in great need of sea transportation services to their side of the province.

Their concern was made known to the Solomon Star during a visit to the region last week.

In an interview with a village chief of Tawaroga village, he said that the greatest problem that the people of east Makira are facing at the current was sea transportation.

“We have been facing this problem for so many years now. It is a horrifying situation for the people of Star Habour region in east Makira.

“We need transport services to travel to Honiara with our copra and cocoa produces and other agricultural products or even to visit our families in Honiara and other parts of the country,” the chief who wants to remain unnamed told the Solomon Star.

He added that, they have to travel by boat to provincial capital Kirakira or through plane from Santa Ana to get to Honiara, which is very expensive for them compared to traveling by ship.

“We have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get our copra and cocoa products to Kirakira.

“In case of emergency, we will have to travel by plane to get to Honiara,” he added.

When asked how they want this issue to be addressed, the spokesman said that there is a need for their Member of Parliament (MP) Alfred Ghiro to find a better solution to solve their greatest need.

Meanwhile, Solomon Star understands that the only shipping vessel that normally services the region is MV Takana, but at the moment the rundown of ships carcass is their serious problem.

“We see that the ship is no longer seaworthy and that is our greatest concern.

“We want Mr Ghiro to look into this issue seriously,” the chief said.


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