Tue, 25 July 2017
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Thanks Trades Transformation, EMCO

Dear Editor - I would like to take this opportunity to thank Trades Transformation and EMCO for their road works in parts of White River and the road leading up to Tasahe area in West of the city.

Trades Transformation had been doing a good work in parts of the White River while EMCO does the road section up to the Tasahe area.

The many months of hard work to upgrade these roads over the past months of 2015 is now being enjoyed by the people of these two areas.

Now taxi drivers are now enjoying the road to operate services from the bus stop at 01 to the many parts of Tasahe and the White River area.

This had been the need of the people in these areas to have access to better roads because better infrastructure leads to better productivity and helps in business activities in the country.

So thanks to the two contractors for your job well done.

I would also like to thank the Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) the aid donors like the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, AusAid and New Zealand who have supported infrastructure projects around the country through the provision of funds.

The ongoing work on infrastructure also goes to show that the National Transport Fund (NTF) had been utilised for its intended purposes. And so the city will continue to see better road improvements.

I wish to thank the government for your priority in road projects around the country as well as wharves and bridges.

Another thing is to speed up some of the airport projects earmarked for some parts of the country.

I hope this year 2016 will see some more major projects being achieved in parts of the country.

Together let us build this country.

Joss Maf Jnr
West Honiara

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