Sat, 24 June 2017
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Bellona serious in reviving soccer, netball

BELLONA island in Renbel province is serious in raising the standards of soccer and netball on the Island.

Secretary of Bellona ward nine sports association Bratt Puia told the paper after the successful prize presentation of a sports tournament to revitalize reports on the island.

Rugby is the much loved sports in the province.

Following the tournament a new executive body was formed early this month to oversee the development of young sportsmen and women in the Island.

 Puia said that the Bellona sport association was formed on Friday 9th of this month, in a meeting between Bellona sports organizers, soccer and netball clubs captains.

He said the new executive was elected by captains of eight clubs competing in the recent successful tournament which has ended with prize presentation and celebration on the 8th of this month.

The new sports association is now being led by President Bix Paul Taoaso.

“Our vision is to help young men and women of Bellona to excel in soccer and netball and also to represent Renbell in national tournaments,” Puia said.

Not only that, he said that the new body will make sure that funding for developing sports in the Island  reaches down to young sportsmen and women in the community.

He said, team captains welcomed the new decision-making body that will help coordinate progress of soccer and netball in the Island.

The new executives are Bix Paul Taoaso (President) Bratt Puia (Secretary) Edmond Tay, (Vice president- Soccer), Normand Hakahua (Treasurer), Cherish Puia (Vice President- Netball), Brian Pongotapu (Member), Evelyn Sa’atai (Member) Hon. Nick Taika (Member).

Furthermore Puia said, the purpose of the league is not only to revive sports in the Island but also to create opportunity so youths can develop their potential in the field.

He pointed out that the body hopes that youths involvement in drugs and other unacceptable behavioral activities will be reduced to a manageable level, while they are focusing in sports.

By Maeni Comfort

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