Wed, 26 July 2017
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Mother’s undying love

THE Love of a mother for her children is undying.

A few mothers perished in the recent flash floods and one that touched many rescuers was that of a woman who was found dead with her child still held tightly in her arms.

The heartbreaking discovery was made last Saturday at the Matanikau River mouth.

A relative who wanted to be known only as John said the mother was swept away with the baby and her 8-year-old child.

“I was trying to save my nephew when the flood came rushing through the Koa Hill riverside settlement, the deceased woman was trying to escape with her two children from their home,” John said.

“She held onto her baby but was also worried about her other son. It was difficult to get to where my nephew was. She was hanging onto the post of a home.

“The water swept in very quickly and before the deceased mother could move from their home, I watched helplessly as the flood water uprooted their home.

“The young child was then separated from her mother.

“The mother screamed and extended her hand out to her young son while protecting her baby in her arms with the other hand,” John recounted as he removed tears from his eyes.

He said it was something he did not want to recount but added that it is important for people to know how dangerous floods can be.

“I watched as they were taken away very quickly. It was heartbreaking to not help. They kept struggling further down the river, to get hold of logs and other debris to keep them afloat.

“The mother was screaming for help as she held her baby tight still.”

Mr John said he knew whatever happened thereafter would be something terrible.

A member of those who recovered the body of the loving mother said, she was buried under the sand deposited by the river.

“The discovery was excruciatingly teary. She never let go of her baby. Looks like her baby died in her arms but she never let go until she too came to pass.

“We have to separate them and take the bodies to the National Referral Hospital. It was heartbreaking. I instantly thought of my children, and that really troubled me.

“I actually prayed at that moment. I know the father and relatives are heartbroken. I felt I was one of them. I knew God is comforting those who lost loved ones.”

The Matanikau river had gone back to sleep but had already brought pain and grief to hundreds of families when it burst its banks, Thursday last week.

The river left a devastating trail of damage.

Thousands were now homeless and were sheltering in evacuation camps and had had assistance by responsible authorities.

A total of 23 people died as a result of last week’s flooding and over 9000 were left homeless.


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