Thu, 20 July 2017
Last Updated: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 9am
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Drastic traffic measures needed

IT’S time drastic measures are introduced to address Honiara’s heavy traffic congestion.

And this must be done sooner to alleviate the situation.

With work on the Kukum Highway Upgrading Project moving to the next stage, traffic flow will be seriously disrupted.

Authorities last week held an urgent meeting to consider emergency traffic management measures.

The meeting was instigated by the Secretariat of the National Transport Fund (NTF) with the aim of finding ways to minimise the congestion.

They have come up with a number of traffic management measures.

These will be conveyed to the public soon.

As a contribution to addressing the situation, we wish to offer this.

  • A restriction should be imposed on private vehicle users to stay away from central Honiara during the day.

  • Only public vehicles (buses and taxis), government vehicles, company vehicles, and diplomatic vehicles should be allowed into central Honiara during working days.

  • Everyone should be encouraged to use public vehicles during these times.

If the roads are cleared, there shouldn’t be any problem with buses and taxis moving people to and back from work or school.

This may be an additional burden for our police.

But it’s an arrangement that must be done if we are to address the heavy congestion on our roads.

Since this is an emergency arrangement, it can be reviewed every week.

This suggestion is likely to cause a lot of inconveniences and disruptions to private vehicle users, who prefer to travel to work in the comfort of their cars.

However, this is no normal time.

Sitting in the traffic for hours is itself a disruption and discomfort.

In situations like this, we have to strike the balance somewhere.

In this case, we park our vehicles at home and let’s all travel by public transport.

That is if you are travelling into town.

Such restrictions do not apply to areas outside of central Honiara.

Meanwhile, let’s wait for the traffic management measures that authorities are working on.




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