Fri, 26 May 2017
Last Updated: Fri, 26 May 2017 8am
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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor - Before and for a few years after independence HTI {Honiara Technical Institute [Kukum Campus]}, Penatena Teachers training college, TS Ranandi marine training school and KG6 secondary school as well as a few other schools were so well regarded restrictions were put on the number of overseas students allowed to attend to ensure our Solomon Island students were not excluded. 

What has gone wrong since then? HTI was self sufficient in much of its own food, TS Ranandi was run like a ship with uniform parades and dormitory inspections every morning.

The food was good and healthy, no tinned fish and boiled rice.


JR Williams


Thanks Solrice

Dear Editor - Though East Medical Centre as a rule does not go publically on our services, as Nick Ellis of Solrice Ltd thanked us publically (SST & IS Monday 22 May) we feel obliged to return the same.

Beu, we are not outsiders

Dear Editor - In response to Beu’s interview on Radio New Zealand, 22 May 2017, I’m writing in my capacity as a mutually concerned Temotu Leader and a Land Owner on Nendo (Santa Cruz).

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