Tue, 25 July 2017
Last Updated: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 6am
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West Kwaraáe MP

Dear Editor – Now and then some of the MPs are treading in the right direction.

You’ll see in the papers MPs would outline their constituency Annual Reports on how they expended ALL funds under their disposal either directly or indirectly via line ministries, and Annual Work Plans for the new year.

This ultimately manifests transparency and accountability – pillars of good governance.

But where is the rest? Is there anything to hide from the public domain?

Since coming into power, the MP for West Kwaraáe seems to live in a world of secrecy.

Never will you’ll see or hear of any tangible development in the constituency.

Worst still, if my record's right, never will you hear him speak on any bill or motion on the floor of parliament.

Is this what people voted you in for?

All he seems hell bent with is mustering his orchestrated service-orientated development strategy, as opposed to innovative development initiatives, merely to keep supporters at bay.

No wonder when 2018 comes, the dominion theory, as usual, will take its toll – much to the ignorance of the WK populace.

 Folks, the irony is that - WK was the first to see a tractor during the early days of the colonial era (Malaita context) then but what happens today – we are limping behind with no real development focus.

Sore lo umi nao!

It’s high time what long been embedded as “righteousness” among the faithful base on doctrinal lines may have its reckoning …. It’s time to change folks, enough is enough!

Be fair to the majority, not 18%-19% of WK’s populace only. WK needs all of us to rub shoulders together in the name of development.

Jay Leemans

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