Tue, 25 July 2017
Last Updated: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 6am
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Blue boats

Dear Editor - News of the capture of those boats bring joy to me.

It shows that in cooperation with our law enforcement agencies we can achieve great results despite our lack of resources.

This is an evidence of what has happened in the South China Seas today.

China is pushing its neighbors out from their traditional fishing grounds, therefore, they venture further out even to our waters.

One of these days we would capture a chines fishing boat/s, as I've said they are looking for natural resources to feed their fast growing economy and a local population that's rich and demands more resources.

So what are we going to do to the boats?

I was suggesting that we do as Indonesia did to Chinese boats that illegally fished in their waters. BLOW THEM UP!

Indonesia wanted to send a clear message that their waters are for their own fishermen and fishing industry.

We must send them the same message that our waters and its fish are for our own fishermen, fishing industry and for our future generation.

As we speak the South China Sea is facing a huge problem as fish stock is depleting fast at an alarming rate.

Giant clams are being harvested unsustainably by Chinese fishermen to be consumed at restaurants back on the mainland.

Coral reefs are being destroyed due to dredging by China to build structures on the same for military purposes. Though they claim it's for civilian use.

So you can picture the scenario here and understand why those Vietnamese boats ended up on our shores.

Vietnam however, has a very bad reputation on its fishing industry.

The fishermen working on Vietnamese boats are slaves who work under very appalling conditions.

They send them out faraway to places where authorities can't crack down on this inhuman practice.

The European Union bans importing fish from Vietnam, because they use slaves as workers in that industry.

So maybe we can help with human rights by stopping these boats fishing in our waters also.

Therefore, let's act boldly and tell them that this is not on in our waters.

Jackson Ray
Fulton College
Nadi, Fiji Islands

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