Thu, 20 July 2017
Last Updated: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 9am
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Avoid misuse of allowance

Dear Editor – As a Solomon Islands citizen and a scholarship recipient, I sincerely thank the Solomon Islands Government for the commitment of paying monthly allowances for students studying at various universities in Fiji and elsewhere.

This is really useful to meet the costs of our stay while studying overseas. Let me share briefly on my observation about allowance use thus far in USP, Suva (2017). The delayed allowance in March was a real test in how students have practiced proper budgeting. It was a tough two weeks of waiting and many students were really financially affected due to delay of funds thereby voicing out their frustration on various social media networks.

Then late Friday (17th March), the allowances were received with much relief because everyone has money to meet their respective costs and outstanding bills.

On that same evening, some students have already engaged in social activities. Yes, it is a personal decision, but when times are tough, some students become really vocal and challenge authorities but when the allowances come through, they just forget their responsibility to manage their finances properly.

Sometimes we students are to be blamed because of allowance misuse and not just pointing fingers at our Government and leaders on the delay of funds.

Just a reminder, studying and living in a different country is very expensive so students need to use their allowances wisely and not just misuse it.

Treasure the award as a blessing and live responsibly as learned citizens of Solomon Islands.

Rose Aluta
USP, Laucala Campus
Suva, Fiji

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