Thu, 20 July 2017
Last Updated: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 9am
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Betel-nut stain

Dear Editor - I would be very pleased if you could spare me a column in your article just to voice out my thoughts and views on the above subject specifically,” betel-nut stain”.

I am a student with a deeper concern for the betterment of my country taking this issue into serious consideration.

Betel nut stain is an issue caused by misbehavior of people towards environment whereby it tends to be a common practice by everyone.

If you happen to wonder around the Kukum market vicinity and the corners of the central market building, you can see the perfect illustration of what betel-nut stain generates. It is a disappointment to see people doing this along the street and even at the bus bays.

This means that people do not take heed to the regulations imposed by the responsible authorities.

Consumers and vendors should apply proper ways of disposing betel-nut wastes towards the environment. Hence it would be lessen if selling of betel-nut along the street or at the backpackers is prohibited. Selection of one particular area for betel-nut vendors could be an alternative way to reduce this issue.

I kindly urge all concerned citizens to strictly comply and support each other to keep and maintain our beloved nation clean.

The responsible authorities need to address this issue by implementations of bylaws that whosoever found guilty and breach the law must face certain penalties. Together we stand, divided we fall.


Noelyn Huehane
USP, Laucala campus
Suva, Fiji.

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