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Same-sex marriage

Dear Editor – We are form three students at Perch Christian Community High School next to the TAIWAN’S FARM – East Honiara.

The purpose of coming to the media is to share and strongly express our feelings to our Christian Communities, Church leaders, Pastors, Priests, Evangelists, Church organizations and other Christian institutional settings throughout the Solomon Islands, neighboring Pacific friends, even to the globe.

There is always a higher percentage of high lights of interesting reports and information that individuals, groups and organizations continuous to dominate in newspapers, radios and media means.

Therefore, coming to this outlet will certainly draw some attention for greater consideration from all readers to a rare type of topic heading – SAME - SEX MARRIAGE.

The students have been given a topic on ‘marriage ‘to learn and recognize, and then to share and express their thoughts and feelings as Christians.

And this is what the students express for themselves including their opinions.

“Marriage is the sacred union between a man and a woman. It is God’s gift for mankind. It is through our sexual differences that we produce ourselves. This topic gives the opportunity to examine right from wrong ways of relating to another as man and woman. Therefore, in this particular topic, we would like to express our opinions against the same sex - marriage- (Homosexual).”

First – Nature. (It’s not natural)

Marriage between two people of same sex is not natural. At this level of argument there is very little exploration of the inherit validity of same – sex marriage but rather a fixation on the notion that homosexuality is unnatural – as in the beginning, God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

Secondly – Procreation. (Marriage is for Procreation – Gen 1:22 - 28)

The institution of marriage is essentially in place to assist with procreation and raising of children. Same–Sex marriage should not be allowed to marry because they cannot produce children.

This type of marriage is only to satisfy one’s feelings instead of realizing that people get married to have children and therefore children too also need a mum and a dad and not a mum and mum or dad and dad.

Thirdly – Religion (Against Christian belief)

Christians know that marriage is a religious institution, and not one for society to temper with. There is no need to hold a religious ceremony in churches when two people of the same sex get married because it is not acceptable to our traditional and Christian beliefs likewise those serving in magistrates and courts, Parliamentarians and others in the private and Government institutions are members of the Christian families which need to be reminded in taking such ceremonial marriages for granted or for other purposes which violates our doctrines and principles.

Finally, but not the least - we would like to conclude our argument writing beside given the rights of freedom to choose to every single person on the planet, to recognize and make a shift in mind, body and soul as this same – sex marriage is something of self-pleasure and interests of those who have evil minds contrary to any laws of the land where ever we may be living.

There is no logical or reasonable basis for denying same–sex marriage couples to access to (not connect with spiritual law) marriages laws.

As a result, a lot of time, money and resources and a handful of energy that can be used and utilize for human survival were deprived for the benefits of individuals or groupings of such interests.

As Solomon Islanders, Australians. Indians, Europeans, Americans and the list goes on to refrain from such practices and not to vote to such laws.

We are to be respected to each other as husband and wife, i.e. Male and female and not male to male or female to female.

There are countries that impose heavy punishment to those who engaged themselves in such practices as Indonesian new Islamic bylaws in applying public beating which the Human Rights condemned as torture which violates human rights treaty which some of us are party to it.

In Britain, commercial surrogacy is illegal.

Surrogacy mother if caught could face three months in prison. While in America, surrogacy is a big business commanding fees of up to 150,000 pounds per pregnancy.

This type of practices or business undertakings be stopped for it is against our Christian beliefs and values.

Our knowledge have gone too far which we denied ourselves before the Lord.

To conclude, whatever these may be, we need to love them as sons and daughters of God.

We love you all for taking this opportunity to express our opinions and feelings towards same – sex marriage.’’

Perch School F/3 Students
East Honiara    

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