Wed, 26 July 2017
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My experiences at Chung Wah

Dear Editor – When I ponder my experiences at Chung Wah, it gives me great satisfaction to share this.

When I arrived in Solomon Islands, it was similar to my country Sri Lanka, tropical climate, warm & friendly people, the beautiful / serene sea.

From one island to another island, from the Indian ocean to the Pacific ocean crossing many miles to experience the calm and relaxed pace of life in Solomon Islands gives me a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy life.

As I entered the portals of Chung Wah I was amazed to see the effort put in by the teachers & students to make the school a healthy and friendly place to learn.

I was welcomed with a lovely smile by the principal Ms. Anna Thomas and the Vice principal Mrs Tahoniara.

The teachers of the ‘Hapi Isles’ greeting me with a cheerful face put me at ease and made it easy to fit in.

I found strict discipline in the school and the behaviour of the students was excellent.

Their eagerness to learn made it so easy to teach them.

During the lessons I noticed the capabilities of the students were commendable.

I also observed these students to be multi-talented and it’s a joy to see them blossoming.

Solomon Islanders are gifted singers, and I admire and enjoy their singing, especially when students sing, it’s melodious to the ears, and they love to keep singing.

The quality of education is good and I marvelled at the variety of subjects they are taught.

All these help the students to bloom in whatever field they would like to do.

Jessica Nivedha Muttiah Hensman
Sri Lankan

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