Wed, 26 July 2017
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Damages at Natagera village

Dear Editor – I was informed by mobile phone from Natagera village on Santa-Ana Island that on early Saturday morning 6th of May 2017 very rough seas associated with very strong winds and heavy rain badly devastated Natagera village shorelines, removing heaps of white sandy beaches and first line of sago palm houses were partly destroyed.

This is the matter for the (NDC) National Disaster Council officers to confirm the actual damage.  I hope they have done their part.

Men, women and children moved to the higher ground further inland while heavy rain and very strong winds with very rough seas continue to batter Natagera village facing the horizon eastward where the sun rises.

It was now high time that Natagera village should be relocated further inland and I would suggest a rehabilitation project for Natagera village into business activities like tourism and other social cultural and spiritual programmes.

Foreign passenger boats often called in the island twice a year – and sanitation should be considered as place of convenience for the visitors.

All Saints Church of Melanesia (ACOM); South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) and two custom houses should remain as history in the village on the same spots.

On 6th December 1971; cyclone Ursula badly damaged two sister islands of Santa Anna and Santa Catalina and parts of the motherland Makira.

It was then that surrounding shorelines of the island of Santa Ana was change in landscape and people still see the effects of cyclone Usula on 6th December 1971 at early evening about 1900 hrs.

I have completed my senior primary education at FM Campbell Memorial School at Kirakira and went home to meet cyclone Ursula and witness the damages on the island.

With the above remarks Rehabilitation project should be considered.


Matt. Newton Waifo
Marovo Lagoon
Western Province

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