Sat, 22 July 2017
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Moses Garu, Peter Toli lies

Dear Editor - Thank you for allowing me space in your paper to respond to an article published on Tuesday 6th June 2017 issue no: 6612 titled ‘Garu tours constituency.’

It is interesting to see the project officer for West Guadalcanal Constituency Mr. Peter Toli trying to update the tour made by the Member of Parliament for West Guadalcanal Constituency Hon. Moses Garu.

Before going further, it is alarming that the project officer did not know the correct name of the Constituency he was recruited to work for by calling West Guadalcanal Constituency as South West Guadalcanal Constituency.

 This is a clear indication that both the project officer and the MP are confused and no wonder there is nothing tangible on the ground with the millions of dollars under their possession.

However I stand to be corrected by Mr. Toli if there has been a change of name or a new constituency was established and named South West Guadalcanal Constituency.

It is indeed pleasing to note through the media that Mr Garu has completed touring Savulei and Tangarare wards. I know people will love to wait for our MP and would really appreciate to see their MP spare his time to visit them.

This will give chances to the people in these two wards to speak directly to the MP on issues affecting them.

The MP will then take into account those important matters of concern and address them accordingly to the best interest of the people.

Unfortunately, the people of Savulei and Tangarare ward did not see Mr Garu visited their villages and did not aware of any tour the MP did in those wards.

 The people of West Guadalcanal Constituency were waiting for this opportunity but the member and even yourself have failed to do what you wrote about in the paper.

Peter Toli must have been out of his mind because he might be shocked to be given a post of a project officer for West Guadalcanal Constituency despite limited knowledge of what are the duties of the post.

It is advisable that Mr. Toli and MP Garu to stop belittling themselves because the people of Savulei and Tangarare are not fool.

The MP which Toli claimed to have visited these two wards is missing since his election victory in 2014 and must’ve been on the run.

He is nowhere to be seen. We don’t know whether he attended Parliament because he never spoke in any Parliament sittings. The people in the constituency are asking themselves if he ever did.

To conclude I kindly ask Mr Garu and Mr. Toli to stop telling lies to his people of Savulei and Tangarare wards.

The truth is that Mr Garu did not tour any wards within that constituency. He just invited his so called committees. The meeting commenced on Friday 02nd June 2017 and concluded on Sunday 04th June 2017.

Therefore I appeal to  Garu and Toli to make an apology to the people of Savulei and Tangarare wards and the constituency as a whole for their fabricated lies in the media.

It is a shameful and disappointing for such a national leader to allow publishing such misleading and untruthful information to the public media.

Peter Tualoki Jnr
Tangarare ward



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