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Voter registration list

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DEAR EDITOR – Within a year or so we will go back to the polling stations and drop those ballot papers again for the new MPs or our choice, for the next four years from 2014 to 2018. 

By which time most of our youths should turn 18 years old.  The right age for voting says the law.

Mr Electoral Commissioner the current voter’s registration lists we have at this time are now out of date.  Hem blo taem blo the ark builder Mr Noah iet ia.  Staka eligible voters no longer liveth, more pikinini born and the 18 years old narawe go moa, update those lists is the eposide here my good Commissioner. 

The ghost names in your current lists are on the increase so as the 18 year olds.  What should we do, sit and watch the increase?

Mr Me herem news has it a $10 million budget was allocated to cater for these lists of out of date updates. 

I stand correction what happen, what are we waiting for, waiting for the sun go down or waitem lua?  High tide, come up.  No man-power to do the job or budget is not enough I guess!

Let’s begin the registration process now at the 10th hour so that by the time the clock points at the 11th hour things would have been done.

What a freedom of choice destroyed if our names are not written in the book of registration come 2014 general election.

Andrew Maomaiasi