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PM’s allege affair

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Dear Editor – It interests me revelations in the past few days on facebook followed by the intimidation of the Solomon Star by opportunists who want money.

The PM can deny everything and only evidence is important. But what those mobs did to the media (Solomon star) did not make any sense to me.

I did not see the Solomon Star naming anyone except that the PM was at the centre of the issue. Surprisingly, these men turned up to demand compensation. Wasn’t that confirmation in itself that you did demanded compensation from the PM?

If these men demanded compensation from the PM, what was that for? I think no one said the PM did this thing, but that some men went to demand compensation was the issue.

Madam Lilo and some government cronies were also active? For wat, askem media compensation? For Christ Sake! Where are our common senses now? Malaita custom? Asking the media compensation was not a Malaita custom. It was a pure strategy to intimidate the media especially the Solomon Star. Keep up the good work Star. Reveal more.

I encourage the Solomon Star to open a lawsuit against those who demand compensation at their office including those to encourage and mobilize them to do the act. It was criminal in nature.

If this matter is found out to be true, the nation must rally support to overthrow this government. Let’s remove such leadership and crew for unprofessionalism.

FSII on the other hand, had stand their ground which I for one think is a brave and good lesson for us. FSII, you’re are doing that for us, the people of the Solomon Islands. We will support you and the work of the media. We are informed of these things because of media, why would the PM’s press secretary and lawyer want to suppress this allegation? Is it because it was true? That men demanded the PM compensation?

Naf mekem iufala luk olsem pikinini nao.

Charles Luka