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Leaders emphasized respect

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Dear Editor - Both the Governor General Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui and the Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo focused on respect for each other in their nationwide speeches over the National Broadcaster SIBC, last year.

Sir Frank in his New Year’s message on the midnight of 31st December 2012 urged each one to strive to respect each other in their attitude or what they say and do.

Prime Minister Lilo in his Christmas message focused on respect for each other, as respect he says is fundamental for leaders in whatever levels in society.

Respect has been missing for a very long time now, and it’s not missing at the levels of leaders because two leaders chose to talk about it.

No. It’s missing everywhere, in schools between students and teachers, in shops between the shop keepers and the customers, along the streets, in the public buses, in the ships, and in the offices.

It is missing in families, communities and Churches too.

The messages of these two leaders got me feel like shouting, yes shout!

Because one thing that stood out very clear to me now in our fast evolving society, is the way young people no longer respect the elderly.

Young people don’t care about the elders. To them, they don’t exist.

On Fridays and weekends they raise their voice as high as they can and blast their music all night long till day breaks and they say “me naia. “ Holding their cans of beer, they marched along the road shouting and swearing even as they go by an elderly person’s home, even as they meet an elderly person along the road.

They don’t think twice about swearing in front of an elderly man or woman or even making jokes at their expense.

I’ve seen it, heard it and it sickens me. It’s disgusting.

What happened? Who’s to blame? Are these the future generations? Oh no, what would Solomon Islands be like?

If you’re reading this, I hope you take the time to think of the elderly in your family, your community, your church, your own parents, your aunties and uncles.

Let us respect them, respect them all!

And the next time you sit with a group and they start showing off, swearing and shouting when an elderly person is near, turn to him and say” brother, sister, show some respect.”

Mia Talena