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Proposed teachers’ strike

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Dear Editor – The government of any country that doesn’t put much effort and commitment towards the improvement of its educational sector can be regarded as blind and narrow minded type of government that doesn’t have vision for its future.

Education is a sector that plays very important role producing needed knowledge and skills that the country depends on to drive forwards its economic development.

The call by the SINTA for teachers to go on strike if their grievances were not met is a step in the right direction.

The strike should be fully supported by all educational stakeholders, parents, and teachers.

The claims of issues by SINTA for the teachers strike are not new.

They are issues that have been repeated time and again.

 These issues contributed either directly or indirectly to the poor education system of the country, consequently affecting our children.

An important stakeholder in the education system is the teacher.

He or she is the one who puts education into reality by providing daily learning for our children.

When they are affected by issues such as poor working condition, the quality of education rented to our children by teacher is at stake – a situation in which no one can dispute.

Although the national government has failed to support the majority rural population through its productive sectors such as agriculture, forestry, tourism and fishery, the education sector has been constructively benefitting the rural dwellers with the provision of employment for their children that in return have financially support and improved their livelihoods.

The negligence by the national government towards the issues affecting teachers is a kind of direct approach that severely deprived the right and privilege of young Solomon Islanders’ access to quality education.

Politicians must understand that they are described as people who come and go but their decision making whether it’s good or bad, on the national issues, will be there for a longer period of time.

Their decision will affect everyone’s future.

It is important that national leadership give priority to education by making teachers happy.

Jay Ofasia Savaleni