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Media trial

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Dear Editor – I write to briefly say that there are certain individuals who have gone on the offensive in the media to express their opinions against the advice I tendered to the Prime Minister.

I wish to assure the readers of this paper that I stand by my advice and will not indulge in a media trial and public ridicule.

However, I will give a detailed dossier when the issue is justly brought before the court.

I’m an expert on media and public affairs and I know its strengths and shortfalls.

Over the few days I witnessed a lot barrages of criticisms against the PM and those of us who advised him.  

Those attacks will not intimidate me and alter my advice to the PM.

I believe that the court is the best choice to settle the issue as it allows those who made the allegations to prove it in the court of law.

Finally, I had dealt with major issues in the past that have wider international consequences so I will rest my case until I’m called to testify in court.


Robert Iroga
Press Secretary to the Prime Minister