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Caucus’s support for PM

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Dear Editor – Thank you for allowing a space in your prestigious paper to share my view regarding the above.

Namson Tran’s apparent declaration that the Caucus is supporting the Prime Minister amidst the extra- marital affair allegation saga seems to indicate the following:
  1. Caucus has sanctioned the Prime Minister’s alleged extra- marital affairs.
  2. Caucus has chosen to turn a blind eye on the moral obligation of the Prime Minister.
  3. Caucus together with the Prime Minister have willfully disregard the Provisions of section 94 of the national constitution which the Prime Minister is accounted for by virtue of section 93 (b) of the same.
  4. A precedence has been set – any Prime Minister can involve in any extra- marital affairs and the Caucus is giving its full blessing to such a cause even if it is morally and ethically wrong.

Beside these points, an important question that needs to be asked is why the Caucus have to reaffirm its support for the Prime Minister?

Is it because there is a crack within the group? I can’t recall anyone asking the Caucus if they are still intact.

In fact, Namson’s declaration only fuel the current speculation that the chairman was given a clear direction by the PM to hold the camp together at whatever cost, even if it means dishing out monies to the cabinet ministers and backbenchers.

The alleged command by the PM was cemented with a certificate of appreciation given to Namson towards the end of last year.  

Caucus is made up of a dynamic mixture of officials, which include political appointees some of whom are highly educated and well experienced as well as ministers and government backbenchers.

These groups often deliberated issues that will eventually go before the cabinet for final approval.

They are supposed to be at the forefront of any issues pertaining to government executive.

However, the role that the Caucus seems to take at the moment is merely to round up government ministers whenever there is a political shake- up as is the case now.

The role that the PM invokes for the Caucus is only demeaning the credibility of the group.

I sincerely hope the learned officials in the Caucus group will come to their senses and realise how they are being manipulated.

Charles Rongovata