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Sopage’s insensitive comments

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Dear Editor – After reading the comment made by the MP for North Guadalcanal Constituency in your news paper issue No: 5095 on the 18th February 2013 did not happy and question his integrity as to why he criticised the assistance given by the New Gold Ridge Mining Company (St. Barbra) to the needy brothers and sisters of Temotu Province.

I am sad to say that he is a national leader and should know that there are provinces, NGOs and appropriate Government Ministries struggling to raised funds for the Tsunami victims.

The issue which Martin Sopage based his argument upon is real but it should be seen separately and not childish approach.

I think your team had just arrived from Fiji with an Environmentalist who is a member of the (IUCN) to look into this pressing issue.

As a constituent of Ghaobata North Guadalcanal Constituency, I did not deny the massive damage to our surrounding ecosystems but who is to be blamed?

The answer is (you) Provincial and National leaders of Guadalcanal Province to cooperate and do something good for your people and province.

I recalled the August 2010 election that majority of the Temotu people who were employed by GPPOL voted for you (Hon. Martin) and I was surprised to learn that you did not appreciate the assistance given by the New Gold Ridge Mining Company Limited for these tsunami victims who are culturally and blood related to the Temotu people employed by the GPPOL Company, live and work in our Constituency.

Lastly, now is year 2013 and all schools start their academic year after the strike action, how many students did you and your committee decided to assist or being assisted under the scholarship funds of $200,000.00 a year and also how many bore holes or water palm under water and sanitation funds of $300, 000.00 a year will you establish this year?

Stop confusing us in the media but tour the constituency and see the real challenges our people face such as sanitation, water, infrastructure, disability, education and so on.

Thank you very much for reading.

James Tiva