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Tinonibona’s view on Israel and Malaita

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Dear Editor – Mr Tinonibona’s opinions on Israel and Malaita has drawn some interesting views and contributions from some prominent Malaitans and I would also like to share my views as well.

Tinonibona must be a brave crusader to have touched someone else’s holy grounds.

If he knew his ‘meat and poison’ theory well from day one, why did he do it? Who in the world would question or criticise his origin or roots just for mere public deliberation’s sake?

He should have taken the time to have a word or two with Malaitan elders, chiefs and paramount chiefs before putting his shortsighted views out to us the Malaitan public.

His personal attack on this issue only came out when Malaitans cry foul over Mr Beck’s signatory in support of Palestine.

Just after the signing of that paper in New York by Collin Beck, a cyclone Freda hit the Solomons and after cyclone Freda then came a number of earthquakes and the deadly and dreaded tsunami.

What I saw in a dream two weeks before that latest tsunami was a huge tsunami wave as high as three to four stories.

I firmly believe that had it not been for some earnest and bold faith stomping prayers, the inevitable could have taken place, because what I saw was only ‘bold faith prayer’ immediately stopped it from reaching our shores and nothing else.

What I saw was; someone prayed and that 3-storey higg tsunami wave obeyed him.

I do not want to claim that they were some sort of things to do with God’s hand intervening in our affairs because of Beck and NCRA’s support for Palestine because ‘no one knows the mind of God’ but I can only affirm like others have done according to the WORD of God in his HOLY BIBLY-“I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse Israel”.

And mind you citizens of this country; if we are lukewarm and are not prayerful enough about this command or even remedy what had happened in New York then we better brace ourselves because I saw yet in another dream that another disaster is already in the making.

Pray earnestly please people of Solomon Islands because when God’s judgment whether mercy or wrath is executed; He is no “respecter of persons.”

The Jews said when they judged our Lord Jesus Christ on the first Good Friday-“Let His blood be on us and on our children” and 6 million Jews were murdered 2000 years later through the Nazi gas chambers.

And lest we forget, Christ also said-“I come not to bring peace but a sword.”

These are but just a fraction of warnings about God’s righteous Judgment and Justice for mankind.

And I cannot claim that God is punishing other nations because they hated Israel, but just looking at what is taking place all around the world, I for one could not believe the magnitude of calamities and extreme disasters that have wrecked havoc and are costing lives and huge economic loses: ‘Who can know the mind of God’ and ‘who can make straight what He has made crooked?’.

I think before it becomes water under the bridge, or ‘rest his case’; Mr Tinonibona should apologise for unnecessarily dragging our learned and elderly Malaitans into his shortsighted opinions.

But at this juncture I must say that I cannot blame MrTinonibona because he is not alone; there are a lot of non-Malaitans out there who also hold the same views, opinions, thoughts and feelings like him.

But again my humble request to Mr Tinonibona could be another man’s poison so it’s up to him.

Henry A. Daukalia