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Rusty tin lid

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Dear Editor - Quite interesting to hear about the proposal for the privatising the Solomon islands production in our country – (already been privatising I suppose?).

Unfortunately, the present products of Solomon taiyo turn out different when I bought the small baby blue in one of the Chinese shop (Pinnacle) at Point Cruz on Tuesday expecting to be a great meal.

That is because when asked about the products (small baby blue) whether they are good or not the shop assistance told me that they are new products they just shelved.

But you can tell that the lids of small baby blue are rusty. It was not until the lunch hour on Wednesday when my house girl open one of the four taiyo to feed my three years girl that it was smelly and it’s unhealthy to eat.

Buying the Solomon baby blue does mean that I was attracted by its attractive labels, cheapness and beautiful pictures but rather taiyo’s contains which is tasty and is much better than other products compared to other fish productions in the region.

For now it’s another way round. It is important for our shop owners and productions industries not to sale expiry goods which are risky for human lives.

It is equally important for our good authorities to inspect our shop owners of selling those expired goods.

Coldrine Kolae
Poporo Highway