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Submit to One Another (Part 2)

Last week, we looked at the above subject as a general Christian principle. In our discussion this week, we will explore how this principle is applied to real life situations. When we think of submission we tend to think of marriage. As someone put it, “The house in which a man is the boss is probably still under construction.”

SI will benefit from Asian resilient growth

According to the IMF’s October 2014 update of its analysis of the Asia-Pacific region, Asia’s near-term growth prospects remain solid, in contrast to downward revisions for other regions. Despite a mild slowdown earlier this year, the Asian economies are expected to grow 5.5 percent in 2014 and 2015, broadly sustaining the pace of the last two years. With some exceptions, the inflation outlook should remain benign across most of the region.

Congratulations to medical graduates from Cuba

I wish to congratulate our twenty or so newly graduated medical officers from Cuba (SST.5640) for having gone through the challenge of studying for six years or so in a far away country with a totally different language and communist environment. You have persevered those long years and have now returned to the country.

The signpost that says it all

It’s a screamer and one that has a message for anyone that cares to take note. It was printed in white on a black ‘T’-shirt displayed in a northside Brisbane shop. The corner of my eye saw it as I was walking through this shopping centre one afternoon. It drew my attention instantly.

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