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A tribute to Hamsad

ALLOW me a space in your private view column to share a few lines in honour of the above character – a Palestinian student pursuing medicine in Cuba.

He is one of my son’s classmates from Palestine.

November last year my son showed me a scuff with a Palestinian flag with tears in his eyes.

‘Dad this is Hamsad’s gift. He died in one of those bombings by Israeli/American forces between August and September last year in one of their targeted areas in Palestine’, for which they heralded in defense of their action as one of the terrorist spot,hence sought our support for their dominance over the Palestinians.

But let me clear the dumpy air should there be ill-emotion over the content of this missive regarding my position in the current crisis in the Middle East.

I am not a terrorist fan but condone the act of terror anywhere in the world.

I am just a simple Melanesian father in this lonely hut trying to reason why these civilized society often resort to war instead of peaceful co-existence. A typical mindset for a civilized man.

Here, I would like to join my son in his sympathy to Hamsad’s parents and relatives somewhere in Palestine whether they are dead or still alive.

It is with heavy heart that I tap these lines on this keyboard - not because I threw a towel on the canvas for terrorism in Palestine or anywhere in the Arab world – but reflecting on the threshold of Palestine conflict coupled with the realization and experience during the 2000 standoff between Guadalcanal and Malaita, here in our lovely isles.

I now realized and firmly believe that the actions by the allied forces are wrong and that the concept of defending the political existence and dominance of Israel in Palestine is uncivilized.

That after expounding this realization those who wore the shoes of the brothers in Palestine would help me stand for their right like that of the West Papua.

To me,whether this conflict is fought for religious (Islam or Christianity) or political (democracy or communism) dominance,it is certain that innocent people died and land is disowned and seized by the invading force.

Yes, land is the most reasonable backdrop of the Middle East Conflict.

The agitating aspect of this expansion process is when the landowners fought in defense of their land and properties these foreigners called them terrorists or ISIS.

As I pondered why the world cannot experience true and lasting peace, my mind flipped a BBC Hard Talks interview back in 1991.

I was at the Terrence Accommodation Motel in the Preston suburb, a 15 minute commute by foot from the Preston Market the third last stop on the Epping tram route from the MET Train Station, Flinders Street, in Melbourne Australia.

I was awarded a fellowship by the Australian Government (AIDAB) to do further studies in Meteorology.

Here I am so indebted and wish to express my profound gratitude for this one life time experience that has opened the door to become an eyewitness - a wealth of knowledge - in understanding the society whose world we inched our steps and dreamed our wildest dreams improvising and impersonating every words, works and actions in our small tiny islands wishing to be their becoming.

The Israeli Army had a missile launched into one of the Palestinian settlements in the West Bank in retaliation to their suicide bombing in the Gaza strip.

In response to a question, “How do you feel about the Israeli’s action?” The BBC Hard Talk reporter asked, the Palestinian against the rumbles of his home with a child in his right hand replied:

“How would you feel if this is happening to your families and your country?”

As I recalled this statement I couldn’t stop thinking how would the leaders who design these wars come to terms with the sheer truth unveiled here.

To me wars are no longer a matter of reflective response to security threats.

Today it is designed as a tool for trade and labor scheme by these big leaders to satisfy their greed and address unemployment issues in their cities.

Furthermore, Sometimes ago Australia has heralded her involvement in fighting the ISIS. But do we really understand the rational for the viciousness of these wars in the past or present?

For instance, here, I come to realize that the Palestinians and including the ISIS are like the GRA (Guadalcanal Revolutionary Arm), an armed body that fought for the right of the people of Guadalcanal due to land issues against the Malaitans.

Malaitans are no difference to the Israeli occupation of the lands in the Middle East.

Even when I write these lines the feeling of insecurity still existed between Guadalcanal and Malaita because of their presence here – so is the Israeli presence in the Palestine world.

Let’s get this right.

A foreigner who is a parasite of resources in a given society or state cannot understand the depth of what an indigenous landowner felt when their land were seized /sieged by foreigner but only the Guadalcanal and the Bougainville people do.

What they (foreigner) knew was victory and more land for food on their table.

Again, the spilt of innocent blood and the feeble stare of a landowner in a court room or refugee campin the process for those victories must not be undermined because in the long run these bloods and feeble look will explode in the heat of population congestion resulting in what we see today.

Actually, they are not terrorists but indigenous people who fought in defence or and to reclaim their land, resources and properties that were confiscated or seized through the process of a foreign law or war- present or past.

If ISIS is heralded as terrorist group in the Middle East then what is BRA or GRA in the Pacific? Are they terrorists too? Certainly not!

How absurd things are in these opposite regions.

Isn’t this a vivid display of battle for dominance of arm trades into the Palestine and African world?

Solution for Lasting Peace in the Middle East

1. Israelites and Palestinian.

At a glance and in general, the definition of Israel and Palestine are different in meaning - an Israelite is native of the people whose origin is from Israel and so is a Palestinian whose origin of nativity is Palestine.

However, if we were to flip the door mat, the process for lasting peace in the Middle East and anywhere in the world would demand nothing but going back to the basics – the origin where ones blood is traced to the ground.

Here, I rather suggest that Israelites be repatriated to the land of their ancestor named Tera a native of the mountainous region of modern day Iraq called Ur.

Genealogically speaking, the root of Israel (Jacob) who is the great grandson of Tera cannot be traced and stringed to lands owned as a result of war or a stamp on piece of paper.

The rightful owners of Palestine world are the Palestinians.

Today’s actions by the ISIS and other Islamic movements in Palestine are reciprocating measures to what the Israel’s political dominance and the Western’s Religious shredding of their world.

So the saying is true ‘’what goes around comes around.’’

2. Jacob (Israel) and Jesus Christ (Christians)

The above characters, in my opinion, should be inclusive factors in the decision for the peace in the Palestine world.

When we look closely in the context of their biological formation, purpose of their emergence in this physical world and their testimonies you will realize that there are marked differences in the above context.

Let me expound on this point.

The Israelites are descendants of Jacob and Christians are to wear the Christ’s image which is to be peace makers between Jacob and Ishmael.

Because this war of political and religious dominance in the land of their father Abraham is true and has glide through history.

Jesus said.  “All power is given unto you so go make disciples.”

So here we are disciples, but is this discipleship functioned for support in a political struggle which shed innocent bloods like Hamsad?

Certainly not.

Christians should be neutral in every aspect of life: in war they should lead the campaign for peace and embrace the helpless, in sickness and health they should be the one who intercedes for healing and prosperity and in a chaotic world they should mingles in - not religious –but radical to redeem the spirits that were entangled as a result of the compulsive desire of the soul that kept them on the waiting list for hell.

This is the only reason why Jesus left all his fullness in glory to come to a physical chaotic world to redeem the condemned spirit of man back to God. Redemption not rules.

May innocent Hamsad’s soul rest in peace!

Takwasi Village
East Kwaio

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