Mon, 24 July 2017
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Braving the wet grasses

As early as 6am during the Christmas break, I sat at Juniper Christian School, far out-sketch of East Honiara watching a parade of local farmers braving the wet grasses in the vast nearby cassava filled fields; I suspected local villagers from Aekafo and Gilbert camp villages, it was another day of hard labor in their food gardens.

After a whole night of heavy down pour, a slight drizzle still pouring cunningly but these unidentified farmers neglected the unfriendly weather and just beat their hearts towards their gardens in the faraway hills.

The first I saw, a mother and child leading the parade and disappeared into the distance followed by others with knives and sacks on their backs.

For me, I have not seen such practice for a long time as I can only recalled my childhood days.

The thought that came to mind was; “Hi fellow countrymen, keep it up as the right leadership that will recognize that strength is looming”.

Despite most of the government resources being unevenly distributed, let alone being in a society that portrays the survival of the fittest-our people still show case the spirit of resilience, which is a positive thing that should be encouraged, but will that continue forever?

There are people and families who still accept the challenge of facing the hiccups of life each day, not knowing that authorities are established to serve them, in particular the government. They knew nothing about being deprived and reaped. They face each day with toil and hard labor to survive the financial situations.

Personally, I admire that spirit and hence would like to encourage all our hard working citizens of this country that we will not perish if we persevere tilling the land, but shall this continue forever when the government is there to serve the people?

In contrast, there are hundreds and thousands who have been caught into the dependency syndrome. I have watched them flooding the parliament compound every day. It is sad seeing our very dear people losing the grip of self-reliance.

However, one can argue that the instigators of the free handouts scheme are to be blamed for all the mess, but shall we allow people to continue use it as an excuse?

The issue here is a different subject matter, however it is something both the decision makers and people should come to a compromise and map the best way forward for our country if we need to progress.

Obviously, Solomon Islands is at the cross road. The question is, where shall we turn? Our decision makers have to be critical and decisive inorder to turn the tide around.

“It is in two folds, either to build on our positive strengths and move the country forward or keep the hand to mouth practice and kill our entrepreneurial energies”.

With positive visioning, I believe that leadership is coming where the right platform shall be established to recognize our hard labor.

By Redley Raramo

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