Thu, 20 July 2017
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A vision is a mission to accomplish

THE National Constitution do not protect the land but it allows land manipulation hence it prostitutionalised the tribal land.

The constitution is very colonial it has many colonial words with destructive intentions.

These words are corruptions and briberies hence our system of governance is a corrupted system.

It destroys the very fabric of our society, the land.

I do believe G. Province’s Provincial Ordinance do not have a provision in the provincial ordinance to protect the land.

Hence to aspire to a greater height as to develop G. Province to its economic potentialities will always deem static.

The G. Province should have a provision in the provisional ordinance to protect the land so as to move G Province forward to its full potentialities in its economic aspiration.

G. Province leadership must have vision and the vision they have is the mission that they must accomplish.

All land in G. Province is tribal land, the tradition and customary concept and its principles, the tribal land is not to be marketed or be sold.

Tribal land always remains a tribal land.

G. Province is the land of the tribes.

And Honiara is no exception thus Honiara remain a tribal land and its perpetuity remain intact and solid.

Land is our greatest asset we have but if its perpetuity is not protected all our efforts to develop G. Province economically will doom to fail.

A vision is a mission to accomplish, provincial leaders you have no vision thus you do not accomplish anything for G. Province for the four years in the office.

Could you move out and let others to come in, those who have vision to accomplish, you are in office only waiting for the manna to fall into your mouth and selfishly swallow it with your greedy mindset.

I wish to express in an amicable manner to those who wish to become provincial members in 2018.

The vision for the future for G. Province “To protect the land and its perpetuity”.

This is your vision and your mission to accomplish in 2018 and beyond.

 In place in the provincial ordinance a provision to protect the land and its perpetuity.

Land that was sold to the second party must not sold to the third party, if it was sold to the third party, the second party lost this entitlement thus the land returns to the original tribe.

But if he so wish to reclaim the land he should pay a compensation of $100,000.

The provision be back dated to 1st January 1970.  The perpetuity not to be removed or erased from the tribal ownership.

Liaise and negotiate with the Central Government and Ministry of Finance and Inland Revenue, that people of G. Province who are employee in the private sector, central government and semi-government to pay 25% of their payee to the G. Provincial government.

And all private company and semi-government operate in Honiara city to pay 25% tax to G. Provincial government as Honiara is a tribal land and its perpetuity remain intact according to our customary concept and principle.

If it’s impossible or difficult advise the members of parliament G. Province to formulate it in a form of a Bill as “Land Protection and Perpetuity Bill”; and table it to the Parliament.

This is your vision and your mission to accomplish in 2018 and beyond.

Who will be the hero?

That will change the face of G. Province?

A Vision is A Mission to Accomplish.

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