Wed, 26 July 2017
Last Updated: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 2pm
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This planet flying slowly towards flattery

Aiming to take a worse battery in gender based violence

Global governments doing their part to reduce them

While in reality its the beer thats contributes to worsening

The beer that increases their wealth at the expense of the poor


Last week the news was worse

A man killing his lover in front of their progenies

Should the law castrate him or the companies

Brewing the ethanol for consuming responsibly

Would a substance of mind cruelty be controlled?


Nothing seems to be under control

Even DCCG is not under discipline

Making promises everywhere anytime

Without being realistic about them

The people are tired coming up with new parties


All systems synchronise to make the wealthy wealthier

The despair desparately hopeless and envious

Land, law reformation; the tools of enslavement

Harmonization of gaining wealth by thievery

Beware the DCCG is in promotion of this via the PPP...


This life turning water into ethanol promoting

Blackbirding through cut and paste of globalisation

Creating chaos, reaction and solutions

Through education, health and land systems

Promoting partneship that benefits them only


The birds in the air looking down

The land scape turning from green into blackness

Realising that death is around the corner

No way shall they turn for the tress are dead

The sea and river systems turning brownish

No hope for flying animals


The same scenarios is obvious on the land

Destruction is in the universe

For God created life so simple

Man in his own wisdom is destroying all...


Lord come to take us home....



Stalin Fiualakwa

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