Sat, 22 July 2017
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IT is common knowledge that Solomon Islands down fall as an orderly nation that is peaceful, respectful and united with its cultural and religious norms and values relatively intact was due to the reckless acts of some known figures that conspired to make the ethnic tension happen by tactically using the alleged killing of some innocent citizens of the country as an issue to justify their aggrieved grievances.

Some of those concerned in causing the ethnic mess had died while others are still living.

These people are well known to Solomon Islanders before, during and after the ethnic tension.

Some allegedly deprived the legitimate payments of compensation claims for displacement and repatriation, loss properties, loss of businesses, loss of employment, loss of life and injury to the bereaved families and individuals directly affected, and as a result, they become the beneficiaries of government payments instead of innocent victims of the past ethnic tension.

Before RAMSI came in 2003, it is the expectation of the majority people in Solomon Islands that these men will be arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to prison without any form of parole to be recommended to the Governor General.

Unfortunately, the opposite happened.

RAMSI departed us on 30th June, 2017, however, we can trust to say that such a conspiracy networking will be detached by the restored RSIPF capability.

We pray that our offered prayers were not in vain to be answered in vain, thus, this country is not left behind by RAMSI to be governed by a conspiracy cartel of individuals trying to cover up their involvement in the ethnic tensions then.  

Furthermore, why is the implementation of the revelations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report continued to be derailed even though the current Honourable Prime Minister insisted on the floor of the Nation Parliament for its tabling in the National Parliament during his tenure with the past opposition governments?

I can also recall the current Honourable Prime Minister insisting on addressing the root causes of the ethnic tension in order for the country to enjoy lasting peace.

I am of the opinion to realise that the above testimonies which include the recent National Healing Ceremony held at Rove Police Headquarters are not factual peace approaches that can truly appease this country from the remnants of the past turmoil.

If I can remember, there are several amnesty periods initially offered to former combatants and any others to surrender any arms still in their possessions including the recently concluded in this June, 2017.  

Some people are pondering on the question as to why the facilitation processes for the National Healing Program failed to start with the proper identification of the ethnic tension’s direct victims through the records of the churches, International Peace Monitoring Taskforce/Council, World Vision, Red Cross and Save the Children and other NGOs working side by side with the ACOM Brotherhood Missions to both factions of the ethnic tensions. 

This expected initial process is important to be followed by a qualifying process that seeks to further ascertain the reliability and genuineness of innocent civilians claims and their perpetrators, hence with this proper qualification and identification of innocent victims and their perpetrators records, the government can then call for a staged public National Reconciliation gathering occasioned for the witnessing of former militants tendered apology to the victims whilst at the same time appreciating the victims tendered forgiveness to the former militants.

In this way everyone will come out happily satisfied that factual National Healing has been achieved by the State through the MNURP, provincial governments, churches and tribal traditional leaders in partnership with RAMSI and RSIPF.

I wish to call on the National Government to leave alone the machinate  of the past ethnic tension in its National Healing efforts as it will only further aggravate the anger of the majority fitting but humble and peace loving people of Solomon Islands to remain and sustain life in peace.

Please allow the respect for the rule of law to take its cause, thus, reputable governing institutions like the churches and traditional leaders must continue to be recognized by the National Government in its peace efforts in fronting the sustenance of peace in this country in order for us as a country achieve factual peace than artificial peace that is subjective to compromise and let-downs.

RAMSI has left and our only hope lies with the restored RSIPF to go beyond the powers of our political legislators and apprehend those obviously being detected under their scope to rid or mitigate corruption once and for all.

Finally, let us trust to call the RSIPF to do it now or regret it later under the auspice ongoing support of Australia and New Zealand Governments Technical Advisors in the RAMSI to assist the effort of the current national government leadership to govern without being stagnant because of an environment subdued by outrageous past.

Let us all be hopeful that lasting peace prevails without RAMSI.

Farewell RAMSI; Thank You RAMSI; Good Bye RAMSI.

Thomas Nukuafi
Concerned Citizen



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