Editor - Solomon Star News


Goodbye 2013, welcome 2014

Dear Editor - I would like to register my personal view in regards to Guadalcanal Province tug of war which almost took half of last year unsolved.

At the right place, right time

Dear Editor - Education has become, for better or worse ­— mostly worse — one of the two or three major foci of Political conflict.


Dear Editor - The article no 5407 on Monday 20th January 2014, written by Steve Sae truly challenge our preconception by saying that, nowadays Solomon Islands is soaring hugely into unemployment. There are some very important points where Sae raised.

Moti claim vs local claims

Dear Editor – I refer to various correspondences and commentaries by the Leader of the Opposition, the Member of Parliament for North East Choiseul, some lawyers and the general public here and overseas regarding the former Attorney General Julian Moti.

10 reserve seats for women

Dear Editor – If the proposed bill to have 10 seats reserve for women who want to become politicians go through the house before the house dies its natural death by the end of this year, we should know the 10 lucky ladies who will be in the next new line up of MPs in the mushroom house.

Apology to Julian Moti

Dear Editor – I write to thank the former Attorney General of Solomon Islands for his clear reply (SS5415) to my earlier article on Soqavare’s Moti and also acknowledged the reply from Hon. Soqavare.

Pearls before swine

Dear Editor – I promised myself that I would keep out of the Moti related correspondence but, as one of the people he would no doubt put in the category of swine, I cannot resist the temptation to comment on Mr Moti’s reference to pearls in yesterday’s letter to the Star.

Permanent political appointee

Dear Editor – It is very sad indeed for the country that national governments have come and gone over the years, yet one person remains a permanent feature of the national leadership circles.

Tulagi police not doing their job

Dear Editor – The central island police at Tulagi are not doing their duty.

CSSI leads the way

Dear Editor - I read with great interest from the Solomon star issue No 5412 Saturday 25 January 2014.