Editor - Solomon Star News


Treasury havoc and mayhem

Dear Editor – Counters 4 & 5 at the Treasury are no longer carrying out any of the other services they normally provide as they succumbed to the extraordinary pressure of SICHE/SINU students' demand to resolve academic transcripts issues.

Teachers seek explanation from Goroka Uni

Dear Editor – Grateful indeed if you could please allow me a space in your paper to express my views and that of other fellow colleague teachers, concerning the above subject.

Numbering of Tikopian Chiefs Uncultural

Dear Editor – We Tikopians are quite known for our respect, kindness and other good cultural behaviours.

Moti’s compensation

Dear Editor – At the outset, it appears that the issue regarding Moti’s compensation has drawn both legal and political overtones.

SIEA service

Dear Editor – Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I have been trying to raise my personal concern about the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) services through this medium for sometime.

Chinese lunar New Year

Dear Editor - 2014 is the year of the horse according to the Chinese zodiac and the spirit of the horse is recognised by the Chinese as a year for making unremitting efforts to improve themselves.

Our students

Dear Editor – I would like thank the government, if its true that scholarship award has been increased from 99 to 400.

No development on Renbel

Dear Editor – I wish to express my concern over the current stature of Renbel provincial government.

Need a change

Dear Editor - There are people who claim to be Christians and live with GOD’s living word each day and pray each day for GOD to help them especially manage certain obligations that they wanted to achieve but inside their heart is not clean at all.


Dear Editor – If Solomon Islands is to developed economically, it would have done some decades ago as millions of dollars had been pumped into the constituencies for rural development through the MP's.