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Why not others?

Dear Editor – It is very obvious that the enjoyment of voters’ money held by our respective Members of Parliament have been wrongly used, misused and wrongly converted or diverted for purposes not intended for such. Corruption is over ripe in Parliament, the highest house of the land.

Lake Tengano

Dear Editor – The Renbel premier exposed his threats to commercialize the lake Tegano world heritage site prompt me to respond very brief.

Women in Parliament

Dear Editor - On Thursday 13th Feb 2014, whilst travelling to work, I listened to the car radio. I was drawn to the voice of a woman speaking in English and saying "Mr Speaker" a few times.

As I listened closely, I realised the radio was broadcasting some kind of a debate. Then I recalled a story in the Star the other day about some women training perhaps to contest the National Elections later this year.

I commend the bravery of those women now in boot camp preparing for the elections. But bravery alone will not cut it.

Women need much more than workshops and mock debates.

I am rather bemused about the strategy of women doing mock Parliament. I have never heard of intending male candidates in the past doing mock Parliament.

In a democratic country in which men and women have equal opportunities, sisters, we cannot bend the rules simply for our convenience.

My view is that women ought to try and defeat their male rivals at their own game. Rather than opting for reserve seats, women candidates ought to get out in their communities and try to win hearts and minds.

Debating in mock Parliament is a total waste of time. Debate drae nomoa. Why not go to the people in your communities and hold meetings to educate the voters on what you stand for.

It appears many of our political sisters are Honiara-based and so out of touch with Solomon reality that they think they could change things from Honiara. No wonder things haven't moved much for womenkind in this country.

Thus far the women strategy is "much ado about nothing." What a shame sisters. Better put your act together. Otherwise we might only hear "four more years" olketa mere when the elections are over.

Jennifer Wiki
East Honiara


Are we better off?

Dear Editor – We are almost two months into 2014 and if reflect on what we have been through till now, we would agree that life is going from bad to worst.

Electronic banking – Interchange

Dear Editor – I refer to the article in the Star on Monday 10th February 2014 announcing the launching of Westpac Banks’ Mobile Banking Service.

Moti and the ‘invisible force’

Dear Editor – It is high time that our leaders realise the fact that our sovereignty is being manipulated to fulfill the interest of someone Invisible.

Legality of Mungihenua logging

Dear Editor – We have been denied and deprived by our responsible authorities to address the legality of the logging operation in Mungihenua (West Rennell).

Baegu Aifolaa United Action

Dear Editor - It is interesting to know where is the current status of the Baegu Asifolaa United Action Association (BAUA) which was at full force at its initial establishment.

To’abaita shipping company

Dear Editor  – It was revealed that MP for North Malaita (To’abaita) Constituency was one of the recipients of Solomon Islands Government (SIG) shipping grant in December last year.

Food and exercise

Dear Editor – Thanks for giving me the opportunity. Today I would like to raise the issue of food and exercise.