Editor - Solomon Star News


A fine example by an honest person

Dear Editor – I am touched by the honesty of a POB customer who gave back $12,000 to the bank which appeared in the Sunday Star yesterday.

Something to think about

Dear Editor – The current regime is heading towards the exit door and another soon to take over.

Invest in tourism

Dear Editor – Tourism must be seriously looked into by a new government. This country has a real future in that industry. I therefore would like to give this short note about tourism for our leaders and people.

Earn your living, stop depending

Dear Editor – I would appreciate a space in your letters column for my views to be heard. This is about the condemnable activity in West Honiara’s Karaina community.

Servicing the Solomon Islands for 50 years

ONE of the country’s longest serving businesses, Solomon Motors yesterday marked its 50 years of service in the country.

SI still tops rank on ‘expensive power cost’

ELECTRICITY cost in the Solomon Islands remains a most expensive commodity in the Pacific region and remains one of the highest in the world.

New B’ville mining laws fails customary landowners: critics

A legal analysis commissioned by the Mineral Policy Institute says Bougainville’s new Mining Law fails to protect the rights of local people.

TTV is Telekom owned

Our Telekom says its television, Telekom TV, is 100 per cent owned by the company.

Lifelong rebel with a cause

After a busy morning speaking at a violence prevention forum and dealing with a batch of media interviews and countless handshakes, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre coordinator Shamima Ali finally has a few hours to relax until her next meeting in the evening.

ABC/AAP: After 14 Auckland failures in the past 28 years, trips to Eden Park have become like Groundhog Day for the Wallabies.