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Logger granted logging licenses

Temotu provincial government has now finally issues a business and export licences to Jaya Berjaya logging company.

Kilufi water problem resolved

EFFICIENT water supply has successfully been restored at Kilufi hospital after weeks of water shortages.

Chiefs: North West Guadalcanal needs police post

North West Guadalcanal communities wants a new police post to be built close to the Visale area.

Veke back in power

Anthony Veke had been declared premier of Guadalcanal province again on Tuesday at the Pacific Casino Hotel.

Implementing international standards to achieve gender equality

UN Women and the European Union (EU) have joined forces with civil-society and the government in Solomon Islands to drive sustainable and innovative action to achieve increased women’s political participation and strengthen inclusive access to justice.

MP welcomes communication service

Paradise community of North New Georgia Island in the Western province over the weekend have been blessed with the official launching of the newly mobile tower installed by Our Telekom on the Island.

Circle Crews West bound

Circle Crews band will be leading a group of local bands namely Bi Bao, Deskem, Blanco, and Kamabea to tour the Western province.

Learning Our New Identity

The most important of all our perceptions is the way we perceive ourselves. There is a story in American Indian folklore that illustrates this truth very clearly. According to the legend, an Indian brave came upon an eagle’s egg which had somehow fallen unbroken from an eagle’s nest.

Mining awareness in Rennell

A week long mining awareness to educate people in Rennel Island on the effects and benefits of the mining industry is being planned for Monday next week.

Forum discusses women in leadership

More than 100 leaders from communities, church, women and youths, faith based organisations and tertiary institutions in Honiara came togetheron Monday to discuss women in leadership.