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Postponed Renbel Day is a cover up

Dear Editor – The recent cancellation of Renbel Province second appointed day for reasons based on the mining controversy in West Rennell is a disgrace and a mockery to Rennell/Bellona people.

Tipoki: Our women youths needs to be heard

 YOUNG women are facing more challenges than young men when it comes to decision making and leadership, says the acting Director of the Youth Development department, within the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs.

Bmobile-Vodafone are continuing their expansion rapidly this month with more towers coming on air.

Jehovah’s Witnesses set for ‘Imitate Jesus’ convention

JEHOVAH’S Witnesses will soon hold their annual conventions at the Kukum Kingdom Hall.

Firms in Auki to showcase

STAFF from Island Enterprise Ltd and Origin Gas are in Auki this week for a three days road show program to mark Malaita 32rd second appointed day.

Bina harbor registration nears completion

Registration process for the proposed international seaport site at Bina Habour in Malaita Province is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Literate evangelists to Aust for summit

More than 20 local Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church colporteurs jetted out of the country, Tuesday for Australia to attend a week long summit for Literate Evangelists around the Pacific.

New family planning introduced to mothers

THE Family Planning Programme of Guadalcanal Provincial Medical Services has recently completed its second training in a pilot initiative to promote a new family planning commodity called Jadelle.

Warriors regroup

Former Telekom S-league champions have regrouped with their latest signed players to prepare for the fifth season of the TSL competition.

Peaceful start for Malaita day

The Malaita second appointed day celebration has kicked off peacefully in Auki with sporting activities this week.