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Kava farmers to receive not more than $5,000 of ESP

KAVA Farmers whose applications have been approved under the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) is expecting to receive just four to five thousand dollars for their kava projects.

Girls urged to strive for the best

SPORTS fanatics have called on women and girls to strive for the best in sports.

Fataleka Housing Scheme 

Dear Editor - It was reported that the Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has thanked the Fataleka Housing Scheme for responding positively to a request for a clinic staff house in Ward 5 in West Fataleka, Malaita Province. 

Seif Ples records a 55% increase in rape cases of children

Seif Ples has recorded a 55% rise in rape and sexual abuse cases of children under the age of 15 years in 2020. 

Suidani praises MV Taimareho shipping 

The management of the West Are’Are Constituency-owned shipping vessel, the MV Taimareho was praised for complying with Malaita Provincial Government resolutions.

Wale expresses concern over logging revelation 

The Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale has expressed his disgust at the recent revelations made by Mr. Chan Chee Min of Orion Ltd against Solomon Forest Association (SFA) and various other logging companies said to be involved in ongoing illegal logging, export of round logs, and other breaches of domestic laws.

Final flight for Philippines arrives Thursday

THE third and final flight to repatriate the remaining students from the Philippines will arrive today. 

Hospital driver charged for stealing

A Kilu'ufi hospital driver in Malaita who was accused of using money intended for the Kilu'ufi eye clinic for his personal use has appeared before the Auki Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Call for independent remuneration body

CHIEF Justice Sir Albert Palmer is reiterating his call for the set-up of an independent Government Remuneration body to determine Judges and Magistrates level of salaries and remuneration packages.

CBSI tight lipped over ESP saga 

THE Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is tight-lipped over the continuous media reports that the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) is soon to dry up as Government is seeking additional funds to keep it running.

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