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Grounding break for new office for public health lab 

A ground breaking ceremony for a new office space worth of $827,068.00 for the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) was held on Wednesday.

Four communities and four schools in Makira Ulawa Province have trained about Child Protection and Safeguarding and Disability Inclusiveness and equality. 


I wish to express my view concerning the switch of allegiance to PRC and his stand in Malaita as a Province (state) and a Nation (sovereign people).

Protect our young children

PARENTS must take all precautionary measures to protect your children from diarrhoea.

Kenwood: SolTuna product best in the world 

 Limited Marketing Manager Harry Kenwood on Tuesday highlighted SolTuna produces the best tuna in the world. 

Police probe death incident in Makira

Kira Kira Police of the Makira Ulawa Provincial Headquarters says its crime investigators are investigating a report that a male student from Nuku Kaisi in the Makirima Area of West Bauro, Central Makira had taken his own life.

Owner of One Link Pacifica to face court, Wednesday

THE owner of the fast money making scheme, One Link Pacifica, Charles Dora will be appearing on Wednesday at the Honiara Magistrate’s Court.

‘Emergency, not an excuse for corruption’

CHAIRMAN of the Bills and Legislation Mathew Wale says that disasters and emergencies must not become an excuse for corruption while we want work to be done quickly.

Six months in jail for phone theft 

A YOUNG man who confesses to stealing a phone that was later returned to its owner has been sentenced to six months in prison, Tuesday.

Positive start for Rafa 

HENDERSON Eels wonder boy and electrifying striker Rafael Lea’i has started off with his golden boot race with positive results.

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