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The downside of SIPA’s reform

As the result of recent very high tariff introduce by SIPA, our country may be plunged into economic chaos.  After some dwell time the ripple effects of ports charges together with the inevitable snowballing of costs upon goods will arrive at the trade store.  The shopper’s money will afford less and less and his/her standard of living will decline.

Do something better this year!

New Years are often good times for making changes for a better individually, as a family, province and nation. Solomon Islanders need to take this seriously and start seeing New Year’s as a time to move even higher and excel.

Land dispute problem

Dear Editor – So much has been spoken about in the media by our MPs who mandated the political leadership in our nation on the issue of land dispute that occur within the 90 % of customary owned land tenure system that disturb the economic development in the country.

Temotu premier

Dear Editor –  It is sad to note the Premier of Temotu has tarnished our reputations in the media for no good reasons at all.

Dispute keeps US boats out of Pacific waters

AMERICAN boats are set to be locked out of the world’s best tuna-fishing waters after ­reneging on a deal with 17 Pacific states, amid a slump in prices for the fish sold in cans in supermarkets all over the US.

Body of Pr Solly returned home

THE body of doctoral student, Solly Fa’amoana Tingili, has been returned to his home island of Rennell for burial.

Calls to resolve tuna dispute

AS Pacific countries and top fishing authorities race against time to try to resolve an impasse with the US tuna fleet, there are growing calls for a more flexible and permanent solution.

Melanesians assured of rights

MELANESIAN communities around Fiji were reassured of their identity as Fijians and their entitlement to enjoy every right any Fijian must have.

Auki market increase vendors’ fee

ADMINISTRATORS of Auki market in Malaita have increased the vendor user fee of $5 to $10 this year.

Airline to temporarily halt Sydney service

SOLOMON Airlines has announced the temporary suspension of its Sydney-Honiara service from 22 February – 25 April 2016 while the carrier’s flagship Airbus A-320 undergoes maintenance in Singapore.